Gong OM 50 cm (Nuevo / New)

La Ñora, Murcia, Region of Murcia, Spain
Gong OM 50 cm (Nuevo / New) Gong OM 50 cm (Nuevo / New)
Manufacturer/Brand: RealGong
Model/Type: OM 50 cm
Diameter (inch/cm): 20" / 50 cm
Date of purchase (new): January 14, 2023
Total number of owners: 0
Condition: New

Gong OM de 50 cm de RealGong.

Frecuencia: 103.8 (SOL#).

Producto 100% artesanal.

Estado: Nuevo.


20″ OM gong by RealGong.

Frequency: 103.8 (SOL#).

100% handmade.

Condition: New.

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